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About SMNL

With our core expertise as a logistic group, SHREE MARUTINANDAN LOGISTICS is a group company of SHREE MARUTI COURIER SERVICES.
Established in 1985, our core expertise as a group remains on customer satisfaction and nurchuring the backbone of economy.

We, at SMNL, target to work, mainly in logistic and transportation segment

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  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Who we are
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Our Mission

We are commited

Our commitment towards being a part of building new India remains a priority.
Our mission is to add a new dimension in logistics industries by providing Tech Enabled valuable services.

Our mission is to provide best value added services to our clients.


We are having happy customer/clients

We invision to became a fully integrated leader in 3pl by using sophisticated technology platforms.
We, at SMNL - Shree Marutinandan Logistics do see the entire world services as quality level for our services.

Who We Are

We are a progressive company

We're a collaborative group of workers termed as families to provide quality services in the logistic sector.


We have had variety of tastes

Our expertise go beyond logistics in varies sectors such as building road, canal, highway etc.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture At A Brief

Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact. Corporate culture is also influenced by national cultures and traditions, economic trends, international trade, company size, and products. Corporate cultures, whether shaped intentionally or grown organically, reach to the core of a company’s ideology and practice, and affect every aspect of a business.

Shree Maruti Courier Services

Our Sign Of Trust

We are one of leader in Asia pacific for courier services, and integrated express package distribution company with high reliability and satisfactory ratio. We have the most extensive domestic network covering over 1500+ locations, and service more than 22 countries and territories worldwide through our group company, Shree Maruti Courier global brand name in fast and effective distribution services.